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Apostle Joshua Selman – Activating Seasons of Greatness


Downlaod Apostle Joshua Selman: Activating Seasons of Greatness

Apostle Joshua Selman, a revered Nigerian minister, is a prominent figure in contemporary Christian ministry. Born on June 25, 1980, in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, he founded the Eternity Network International (ENI), also known as Koinonia, in March 2011. This ministry has grown into a significant force, reaching millions globally through its teachings and spiritual insights.

Selman’s ministry is distinguished by its emphasis on intimacy with God, understanding spiritual principles, and practical wisdom for daily living. He is known for his profound teachings, deep spiritual insights, and a ministry that emphasizes the manifest presence of God. Through ENI and his various engagements, he has profoundly impacted many lives, drawing them closer to a personal relationship with God and a deeper understanding of their divine purpose.

Activating Seasons of Greatness: A Transformative Message by Apostle Joshua Selman

In the journey of life, we all aspire to achieve greatness, to fulfill our divine destinies, and to make a lasting impact. However, reaching these heights requires more than just desire; it demands understanding, preparation, and alignment with God’s principles. Apostle Joshua Selman, a renowned teacher and preacher, offers profound insights into this topic in his sermon titled “Activating Seasons of Greatness.” This message provides a roadmap for believers seeking to unlock their full potential and step into their God-ordained greatness.


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