Saturday, June 15, 2024

Apostle Arome Osayi – Discernment [Sermon]


Apostle Arome Osayi’s sermon on “Discernment” is likely to be a profound exploration of the spiritual concept of discernment, providing insightful teachings on how believers can develop and apply this critical skill in their lives. Apostle Osayi, known for his depth of biblical knowledge and dynamic speaking style, is expected to delve into the nuances of discernment, emphasizing its importance in navigating the complexities of the spiritual realm and making sound decisions.

The sermon may begin by defining discernment in the context of spirituality, elucidating its role in distinguishing between good and evil, truth and deception. Apostle Osayi may draw on biblical references and share relevant anecdotes to illustrate the significance of discernment in the life of a believer. The audience is likely to gain a deeper understanding of how discernment operates as a spiritual gift and how it can be cultivated through prayer, meditation, and a close relationship with God.

Apostle Osayi may explore the challenges believers face in discerning spiritual realities, especially in a world filled with competing influences. The sermon may address the importance of sharpening one’s spiritual senses to recognize the subtle workings of the enemy and to align with God’s will. Practical tips and guidance on how to develop and enhance discernment in everyday life may also be part of the sermon’s content.

Furthermore, the sermon is likely to touch on the connection between discernment and wisdom, emphasizing that discernment is not just about recognizing spiritual forces but also about making wise and godly decisions in various aspects of life. Apostle Osayi may encourage believers to seek discernment not only for personal protection but also to be effective vessels in advancing God’s kingdom.


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