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Anne Wilson – That’s What We Need


Anne Wilson’s “That’s What We Need” emerges as a soul-stirring anthem, resonating with audiences worldwide as a beacon of hope and healing in the midst of uncertainty. Through her heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals, Wilson delivers a message that speaks directly to the heart of the human experience, offering solace and encouragement in times of struggle. The song serves as a reminder that amidst life’s challenges, what we truly need is the transformative love and grace of God.

At its core, “That’s What We Need” is a testament to the power of faith and resilience in the face of adversity. Wilson’s emotive delivery and authentic storytelling capture the essence of the human journey, acknowledging the struggles and hardships we encounter while holding fast to the hope found in God’s unfailing love. With each verse, she paints a vivid picture of redemption and restoration, inviting listeners to find strength and comfort in the arms of the Divine.

Moreover, “That’s What We Need” transcends the boundaries of genre, blending elements of contemporary Christian music with heartfelt Americana influences. Wilson’s unique sound and heartfelt delivery create a sonic landscape that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The song’s universal message of hope and healing transcends cultural divides, uniting listeners in a shared experience of faith and resilience.


Anne Wilson – That’s What We Need Lyrics

Tell me are you feelin’
The heaviness I’m feelin’
Cuz the space between the word I read
And the world I see feels crazy

Are we being honest
Cuz if I’m being honest
I preach the news
More than gospel truth
And I don’t think twice about it

Maybe there’s a bigger picture
We’ve been missin
Something different

Ain’t talkin’ bout a
Sunday only
Actin’ holy
Easy kinda faith
Ain’t talkin bout a
Barely goin
Through the motions
Empty kinda praise
I’m talking bout a heart that looks like Jesus
Like His hands, like His feet
There’s one Way one Truth one Life that sets us free
That’s what we need

Faith to move the mountains
It ain’t about the mountains
It’s when the least of these
And the neighbor sees
That we genuinely love them

Maybe there’s a bigger purpose
we’ve been given
Something different

We need shelter for the orphan
Healing for the broken
Mercy and compassion
We need it
We need grace to be our banner
Love to be the standard
The only thing that matters
We need it

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