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Anne Wilson – Rain In The Rearview


Anne Wilson, a rising star in the contemporary Christian music scene, unveils her latest single, “Rain In The Rearview.” Known for her emotive vocals and poignant storytelling, Wilson crafts a song that not only showcases her musical prowess but also offers a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity and embracing hope. “Rain In The Rearview” stands as a testament to Wilson’s ability to weave personal experiences into a universal message of resilience and faith.

The lyrics of the song delve into the metaphorical imagery of rain in the rearview, symbolizing challenges and hardships of the past. Anne Wilson’s soulful delivery imbues the narrative with authenticity, creating a connection with listeners who may relate to the struggles depicted in the lyrics. “Rain In The Rearview” becomes a musical testimony, a reflection on the storms of life that have been weathered and the emergence into a brighter, more hopeful season.

The production of the single exemplifies Wilson’s artistic finesse, featuring a well-crafted arrangement that complements the emotional depth of the lyrics. The combination of heartfelt lyrics and a melodious composition creates an immersive listening experience, inviting the audience to join in the introspective journey of looking back on challenges and finding strength in the rearview mirror of life.


Anne Wilson – Rain In The Rearview Lyrics

Tell me how much hurt can a heart take
Tell me how much wind till the walls cave
You can just stay right there in the pain
Or listen to the voice that you hear when you pray
Tell me how much hurt can a heart take before it breaks

When the storm rolls in
The sky won’t quit crying’
And you’ve lost more tears than you thought you could ever lose
Oh, I swear somewhere out there
The sun is somewhere shining
So drive baby drive baby drive baby
Till it shines on you
And leave the rain in the rearview

I got ten and two on a two tone
Two lanes of freedom
Singing “Jesus take the wheel”
Now I know what she was feelin’
Cause I feel it too

Leave the rain
Leave the rain in the rearview
Leave the rain
Leave the rain in the rearview
Don’t stop till your eyes see the clear blue
Drive baby drive

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