Thursday, July 18, 2024

Aileyipada (Unchangeable) By Sunmisola Agbebi


Sunmisola Agbebi’s new song, “Aileyipada (Unchangeable),” is set to be a powerful anthem. The title, “Aileyipada,” translates from Yoruba to “unchangeable,” hinting at a message of resilience and unwavering faith. Released today, March 15, 2024, the song is already generating buzz with its official music video available on [YouTube].

This gospel track is likely to resonate with listeners seeking comfort and strength. Agbebi, known for her captivating vocals, is expected to deliver a soul-stirring performance. “Aileyipada (Unchangeable)” could be the perfect addition to your playlist for those moments when you need a reminder of the unwavering constants in life.

Early comments online suggest the song offers a sense of hope and encouragement. With its timely message, “Aileyipada (Unchangeable)” has the potential to become a source of inspiration for many. Fans can download or stream the song on various platforms and experience Agbebi’s uplifting message for themselves.


Aileyipada (Unchangeable) By Sunmisola Agbebi Lyrics

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