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Acwc Praise Team – Baba Ninakutukuza


“Baba Ninakutukuza” by the ACWC Praise Team is a vibrant expression of worship and adoration, resonating deeply with believers who delight in exalting the name of the Lord. As a standout track from the ACWC Praise Team’s repertoire, this heartfelt anthem invites listeners into a moment of joyful celebration and reverence. With its lively rhythm and uplifting lyrics, “Baba Ninakutukuza” serves as a powerful declaration of God’s greatness and sovereignty.

In “Baba Ninakutukuza,” the ACWC Praise Team creates a sacred space for worship, where believers can lift their voices in praise and honor to the Almighty. The song’s lyrics, which proclaim God’s majesty and glory, resonate with the universal desire to magnify the name of the Lord. As Psalm 34:3 declares, “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together,” the song captures the essence of corporate worship and unity in lifting high the name of Jesus.

With its infectious melody and enthusiastic vocals, “Baba Ninakutukuza” creates an atmosphere of joy and exuberance, drawing listeners into a moment of holy celebration. As believers join their voices in worship, they are invited to express their gratitude and awe for God’s goodness and faithfulness. The song’s refrain, “Baba Ninakutukuza” (Father, I worship you), becomes a joyful declaration of devotion and praise, as listeners rejoice in the presence of the Lord.

Moreover, “Baba Ninakutukuza” serves as a reminder of the transformative power of worship in the life of the believer. As the lyrics declare, “You are worthy to be praised, Jehovah,” listeners are reminded of God’s worthiness to receive all honor, glory, and praise. Through worship, believers are refreshed, renewed, and empowered to walk in victory, experiencing the fullness of joy that comes from dwelling in the presence of the Almighty.


Acwc Praise Team – Baba Ninakutukuza Lyrics

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