Friday, April 12, 2024

Tired On The Inside – Steven Furtick


In his sermon, “Tired On The Inside,” Steven Furtick delves into the universal experience of burnout, weariness, and feeling “done” with the weight of life. This isn’t a pep talk filled with empty platitudes; it’s a compassionate exploration, acknowledging the struggle while offering glimpses of hope and renewal.

Furtick, with his relatable storytelling and heartfelt vulnerability, begins by painting a picture of the “inside tired.” He doesn’t shy away from describing the emotional exhaustion, the feeling of running on fumes, and the yearning for a break. This resonates deeply with listeners, creating a safe space for acknowledging their own struggles.

He then challenges the common narrative of needing to “fix” ourselves or “get stronger.” Instead, he introduces the concept of “letting go.” He acknowledges that sometimes, the best way to find strength is to surrender, to admit our limitations, and allow ourselves to simply be tired. This counterintuitive approach offers a sense of permission and validation, a moment to exhale before moving forward.

But “Tired On The Inside” isn’t just about wallowing in exhaustion. Furtick shifts the focus to reconnecting with a source of strength greater than ourselves. He draws inspiration from Scripture, reminding listeners that even when we feel drained, God’s love and power remain constant. He emphasizes the importance of prayer, finding solace in a presence that transcends temporary exhaustion.



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