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Mike Teezy – Hands on Me ft. Jekalyn Carr


Mike Teezy’s New Collaboration: “Hands on Me” ft. Jekalyn Carr – A Fusion of Gospel Excellence

In the world of gospel music, collaborations often bring together unique talents to create transformative musical experiences. Mike Teezy, known for his dynamic style and heartfelt lyrics, joins forces with the powerhouse vocalist Jekalyn Carr for their latest single: “Hands on Me.” This anticipated release promises to blend their distinct voices and spiritual messages into a compelling narrative of faith and inspiration.

With a reputation for delivering poignant lyrics and powerful performances, Mike Teezy has garnered a dedicated following in the gospel music community. His ability to convey deep spiritual truths through music resonates with listeners seeking authenticity and connection. On the pther hand, Carr known for her commanding vocals and uplifting songs, Jekalyn Carr has established herself as a prominent figure in contemporary gospel music. Her music consistently inspires and empowers listeners with messages of faith, hope, and perseverance.

“Hands on Me” by Mike Teezy featuring Jekalyn Carr promises to be a soul-stirring anthem that resonates deeply with listeners. Their collaboration is expected to showcase their vocal prowess and musical synergy, creating a sound that is both captivating and spiritually enriching. The song is likely to invite listeners into a moment of worship and reflection, encouraging a deeper connection with God.


Video: Mike Teezy – Hands on Me ft. Jekalyn Carr

Lyrics: Mike Teezy – Hands on Me ft. Jekalyn Carr

Called on God
Said I’m in trouble
Lord I need ya
One touch, got me freed up
Said a prayer to forgive me of my sins
That’s when He just forgot about ’em all
Just like amnesia
I was a heathen
I was lost when I crossed over your boundaries
But you still came and you found me
I felt like Peter when I looked and seen
Trouble all around me,
But you’re the one that kept me from drowning
Aye, I know you to be Jehovah Jireh
Whenever I ain’t got enough
And when I’m lost, I just think about the man who was blind
But you opened up his eyes with mud
Yeah, when I feel like I’m in a dead situation
I just think about Lazarus
I when I think about the women with the issue of blood
One touch and you dried it up

Lay your hands on me
I know one touch can set me free
When we call up on your name
Every demons got to flee
Just lay your, hands on me

So lay your hands, lay your hands, lay your hands
Lay your hands on me
All I need is a touch and I know I’ll be set free
At your name every knee shall bow
Every demon flees
Oh Lord just lay your hands on me

I know what happens when I cast my cares on you
So I’ma lay all of my burdens at your feet
Oh when I’m running low
I know you’ll supply my needs
You are the potter in control
Lord God, I’m the clay
Lay your hands on me

Lay your hands on me
I know one touch can set me free
At your name
Every demon flees
So Lord lay your, hands on me

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