Monday, April 22, 2024

Highest Are You by Chevelle Franklyn Ft. Nathaniel Bassey


“Highest Are You,” a newly released gospel anthem by Chevelle Franklyn featuring Nathaniel Bassey, emerges as a resounding proclamation of divine exaltation and worship. In this collaborative masterpiece, Chevelle Franklyn’s soulful vocals intertwine seamlessly with Nathaniel Bassey’s poignant instrumentation, creating an immersive auditory experience that uplifts the spirit and magnifies the name of God.

The song’s lyrics are a poetic ode to the supreme sovereignty and majesty of God. Through compelling verses, it extols His unparalleled greatness and dominion over all creation. Each line reverberates with reverence and awe, inviting listeners to join in the chorus of praise and adoration.

Beyond its musical excellence, “Highest Are You” serves as a spiritual journey, guiding listeners into a deeper communion with the divine. It beckons worshippers to ascend to the heights of worship, where they encounter the transcendent presence of God and surrender their hearts in awe and reverence.


Highest Are You by Chevelle Franklyn Ft. Nathaniel Bassey Lyrics

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