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Gap Worship ft Eniola Dada – We Hail You


“We Hail You” by Gap Worship featuring Eniola Dada is a soul-stirring anthem of adoration and praise, capturing the essence of heartfelt worship. This newly released collaboration invites listeners into a sacred space of reverence and awe, as Gap Worship and Eniola Dada combine their talents to offer a powerful expression of devotion. With its uplifting melody and stirring lyrics, “We Hail You” serves as a poignant reminder of the majesty and goodness of God.

Gap Worship’s signature style shines through in “We Hail You,” as the group infuses the song with their trademark passion and energy. Eniola Dada’s rich vocals add an extra layer of depth and emotion, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with authenticity and power. Together, they create a musical masterpiece that inspires listeners to lift their voices in praise and adoration.

“We Hail You” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt declaration of God’s greatness and sovereignty. Through its compelling verses and impassioned refrain, the song invites believers to join in the chorus of heaven, proclaiming the glory of the One who reigns forever. As listeners are swept up in the music, they are reminded of the privilege and honor of worshiping the King of Kings.

In essence, “We Hail You” is a transformative worship experience that draws believers into a deeper encounter with the divine. With its infectious energy and heartfelt sincerity, the song inspires hearts and minds to open up to the presence of God, filling them with gratitude and reverence. As listeners join in the chorus of praise, they are reminded that God is worthy of all honor and adoration, now and forevermore.


Gap Worship ft Eniola Dada – We Hail You Lyrics

Verse 1
There’s a sound in the throne room
Only heard as you bow down
All the hosts and the elders
Can be seen casting crowns

Chorus 1
As they cry
Oh Oh Oh
They cry
We hail you

Verse 2
There’s a groaning of the nations
Yet to see The Savior reign
But I can hear generations
Rising up in Jesus name

Chorus 2
It sounds like
Oh Oh Oh
Sounds like
We hail vou

Hallowed be your name
Hallowed be your name
Hallowed be your name
The Earth declares your glory

We hail you (2X)

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