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Dr Paul Enenche – LET IT FLOW


Renowned gospel artist and pastor, Dr. Paul Enenche, gifts the world with the soul-stirring composition titled “Let It Flow.” This musical creation, more than just a song, becomes an anthem of surrender, inviting listeners into a divine experience of spiritual overflow. Dr. Paul Enenche, known for his anointed worship and impactful messages, delivers a profound and emotive piece with “Let It Flow.”

The lyrics of the song delve into the concept of letting the Holy Spirit flow unrestricted, allowing His presence to permeate every aspect of one’s being. “Let It Flow” serves as a lyrical journey through moments of surrender, openness, and a deep desire for an unhindered outpouring of the divine. Dr. Paul Enenche’s soul-stirring vocals and the melodic arrangement create an atmosphere of receptivity, inviting listeners to join in this prayerful surrender.

As a pastor, author, and prolific gospel artist, Dr. Paul Enenche consistently uses his musical talents to convey profound messages. “Let It Flow” is a testament to his commitment to creating music that transcends the boundaries of entertainment—it becomes a conduit for personal communion and an avenue for individuals to experience the overflowing presence of the Holy Spirit.


Dr Paul Enenche – LET IT FLOW Lyrics

Oh consuming fire lord

have come before your throne

to be fired up oh lord

let it flow (×2)


Let it flow let it flow

let flow let flow

let the fire from the throne

let it flow (×2)

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