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Crowder – Somebody Prayed


Crowder’s Soul-Stirring Anthem: “Somebody Prayed”

Crowder, the Grammy-nominated artist renowned for his unique blend of folk, rock, and worship music, has graced the world with yet another soul-stirring release: “Somebody Prayed.” This powerful anthem, released in 2024, resonates deeply with listeners, offering a poignant reminder of the transformative power of prayer and faith.

“Somebody Prayed” takes listeners on a melodic journey of faith and redemption. From the opening chords to the triumphant crescendo, the song’s stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics invite listeners to reflect on the profound impact of prayer in their lives.


Video: Crowder – Somebody Prayed

Lyrics: Crowder – Somebody Prayed

Somebody Prayed
Every night there by your bed
You fold your hands and bow your head
Throwing out another prayer in faith
When you wonder if He’s hearing you
Look at me I’m living proof
I’m only right where I am today
Because somebody prayed

So I hit my knees
Cause I’ve seen all heaven move
(Don’t matter if you hit rock bottom,
My God pick you up when you call Him)
I pray, Father please
Cause I’ve seen what He can do
(Don’t matter if the storm cloud coming,
My God come through when you call Him)
These hands have no power
But there ain’t an hour He don’t come through
That’s why when mountains move I say
Looks like somebody prayed

For the child of God that’s far from home
The one who thinks they’re too far gone
I’m throwing out another prayer in faith
Worn out altars, tear stained pews
Still I won’t give up on you
I believe that anything can change
When somebody prays

I’ve seen miracles come from feeble words
I’ve seen hospital rooms turned into cathedrals
And I’ve seen freedom come to the prisoner
You can’t tell me that prayer don’t work

Every night there by your bed
When you fold your hands and bow your head
Not a single word you’ve ever said in vain
Cause He hears everything

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