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Christ for the Nations Worship – At The Name


“At The Name” by Christ for the Nations Worship is a stirring tribute to the power and majesty found in the name of Jesus. Through its captivating melodies and profound lyrics, this musical masterpiece serves as a declaration of faith and reverence, inviting listeners into a deeper understanding of the significance of Christ’s name.

“At The Name” is more than just a collection of songs—it’s a profound exploration of the attributes and character of Jesus Christ. Each track offers a unique perspective on the significance of His name, from the awe-inspiring majesty of His sovereignty to the intimate tenderness of His love.

Through its powerful lyrics and stirring instrumentation, “At The Name” creates an atmosphere of worship that draws listeners into a sacred encounter with the presence of God. From the jubilant exaltation of praise-filled anthems to the contemplative reverence of reflective ballads, this album offers a diverse range of musical expressions that speak to the depths of the human soul.

But beyond the music itself, “At The Name” is a call to action—a reminder of the transformative power found in the name of Jesus. It challenges listeners to live lives that honor and glorify Him in all they do, recognizing that His name is above every other name and that He alone is worthy of our adoration and praise.


Christ for the Nations Worship – At The Name Lyrics

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