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CeCe Winans – I’Ll Live For You


In her heartfelt composition, “I’ll Live for You,” CeCe Winans tenderly expresses a deep commitment to faith and devotion. With her soulful voice and poignant lyrics, Winans delivers a stirring tribute to the divine, weaving a narrative of unwavering dedication and surrender. Through emotive melodies and heartfelt harmonies, she invites listeners on a profound journey of spiritual commitment, promising to live a life of purpose and devotion to the Creator.

“I’ll Live for You” transcends mere music; it serves as a solemn vow—a declaration of loyalty and obedience. From the very first note, Winans’ resonant voice captivates the audience, enveloping them in an atmosphere of reverence and sincerity. Each lyric is infused with a profound sense of purpose and determination, as Winans pledges her life to the service of the divine.

Throughout the song, Winans’ lyrics paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of faith—a power that empowers believers to live with purpose and meaning. It’s a message of dedication—a solemn promise to honor and serve the Creator with every breath. With each verse, Winans inspires listeners to embrace a life of faithfulness and devotion, knowing that in doing so, they find true fulfillment and purpose.


CeCe Winans – I’Ll Live For You Lyrics

You gave me unmerited favor
Indescribable peace
And every morning
New mercies I see
Great is your faithfulness
Great is your love towards me
You bear all my cares and nothing compares you’re Everything to me
And when the storms of life arise
It’s your love that makes it alright
You said if we live for you there’s nothing you Would not do
So we come to you
So I will live my whole life for you all of my days
I will trust in your power and your holy name
I will love with my heart and give you all the praise
I proclaim I promise to
I proclaim lord I’ll live for you
And now it’s my turn to offer
You all I have
My heart felt praise
For the rest of my days
I’ll lift your name up high
I’ll tell the whole world
You bear all my cares and nothing compare you’re Everything to me
You said I could call on you
If I would live for you
You said you would see me through
Whenever I needed
You said I could count on you
If I would live for
For your love it never end I hold on to your promises

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