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Apostle Joshua Selman – Pulling Down Strongholds


Downlaod Apostle Joshua Selman: Pulling Down Strongholds

Apostle Joshua Selman is a Nigerian preacher known for his powerful teachings on spiritual warfare, revival, and the Kingdom of God. His messages often focus on deep spiritual insights and practical wisdom for Christian living. “Pulling Down Strongholds” is a common theme in his teachings, which refers to the biblical concept of tearing down spiritual obstacles and strongholds that hinder believers from experiencing God’s fullness in their lives.

In Selman’s teachings, pulling down strongholds involves identifying and overcoming spiritual barriers such as sin, fear, doubt, and demonic influence through prayer, fasting, and a deepening relationship with God. He emphasizes the importance of spiritual warfare and the authority believers have in Christ to confront and defeat these strongholds.

Selman’s ministry is widely followed globally, particularly among Christian communities seeking a deeper understanding of spiritual dynamics and practical strategies for living victoriously in Christ. His sermons and teachings are often characterized by profound biblical insights, passionate delivery, and a call to personal and corporate revival among believers.


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