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121Sellah – Fallen


121Sellah’s New Song Release: “Fallen”

In the world of contemporary Christian music, 121Sellah has emerged as a powerful and unique voice. Known for their thought-provoking lyrics and innovative sound, 121Sellah continues to push the boundaries of the genre. Their latest release, “Fallen,” is a deeply moving and introspective track that explores themes of redemption, grace, and the human condition.

“Fallen” is a poignant reflection on the struggles and imperfections that define the human experience. From the very first note, the song draws listeners into a contemplative atmosphere, encouraging them to reflect on their journeys of faith and redemption.

“Fallen” is a testament to 121Sellah’s growth as an artist and a storyteller. Their ability to craft songs that are both musically engaging and spiritually profound sets them apart in the contemporary Christian music scene. With each release, 121Sellah continues to demonstrate their dedication to creating music that not only entertains but also inspires and uplifts.


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Lyrics: 121Sellah – Fallen

Verse 1
With a broken pen I speak without a sound
From a broken heart a song of silence
Screaming loud
The ripples and the waves upon the sea
But silent is the very cause so deep within
I won’t agree even though it’s not seen
Evil and sin can be traced to one thing alone

Verse 2
Philosophy and reason can’t deny
Scientific discovery can’t prove me wrong
The natural and ethical decline
The evils of rebellion, the hate, the hob
The will to kill, the desire to steal
All vanity can be traced to one thing alone

Fallen Fallen Fallen Fallen
Fallen Fallen Fallen Fallen
Man is Fallen Fallen Fallen Fallen
Fallen Fallen Fallen Fallen

So we hear the greatest story ever told
Of the possibility that there is hope
A redemption and a rescue from above
A sacrifice paid to make him whole
See the light the night is turned to day
Our sorrows and our fears are washed away
There’s power to rise again
Grace to live again
Strength to love again

Chorus 2
‘Cos He’s risen risen risen risen
Risen risen risen risen
Risen risen risen risen
Risen risen risen risen

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