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Trip Lee – Slow Leak


Title: Unveiling “Slow Leak” by Trip Lee: The Captivating Prelude to “The Epilogue”

In the vibrant world of Hip-Pop/Rap, Trip Lee once again asserts his mastery with the opening track of his 2023 album, “The Epilogue.” Titled “Slow Leak,” this dynamic offering sets the stage for a musical journey that is both introspective and unapologetically bold. Hailing from America, Trip Lee infuses his unique style into every beat, making “Slow Leak” an unforgettable introduction to the album.

As the first track of “The Epilogue,” “Slow Leak” serves as a sonic gateway into the thematic depth and artistic prowess that awaits listeners. The carefully crafted beats and Trip Lee’s signature lyrical finesse converge to create an immersive experience. The track’s introspective nature encourages listeners to delve into their own thoughts, setting the tone for the narrative that unfolds throughout the album. With its hypnotic rhythm and thought-provoking verses, “Slow Leak” stands as a testament to Trip Lee’s ability to transcend the conventional boundaries of the Hip-Pop/Rap genre.

Released in 2023, “Slow Leak” not only showcases Trip Lee’s growth as an artist but also sets the tone for the overarching narrative of “The Epilogue.” Fans can anticipate a musical journey that goes beyond the surface, exploring themes of resilience, self-discovery, and societal introspection. As listeners immerse themselves in the evocative soundscape of “Slow Leak,” they embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary Hip-Pop/Rap.





[Verse 1]
Ayy, none of y’all coming against
Bite back, coming like this
Huh, ayy, ignorance isn’t my bliss
No more closing my fist, huh
Back on my crusade
Death let me loose, no noose this my new day
Call this my flu game, sickness can’t block fitness, death told me touché
How to begin? The end was near, light hit the darkness then carcasses threw shade
Dropped nukes, I thought the story was through, but I heard could turn a new page
The sun has set on my respect for goals
The same effect for famе and decimals
I can’t forget how far the tеxt will go
It takes my neck, pulls me directly home
Despite what you say
The light will uncover what’s under your duvet
The sky looking too grey, can we stay afloat in this new day?

Three tires slashed I don’t think I’m gon’ last
Way past out of gas, finna crash (Woo, woo)
Can’t hold it up, I’m out my weight class
Stop look around, all my peers flying past (Yuh)
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[Verse 2]
Hello, pick a side
I already said it’s that flicker side
I met my end drowning in the tide
He pulled me out and said, “look alive,” huh
I feel the rulers against me, this tuba been busy
That “womp womp” tune is here, mood is too heavy
But I’ll keep on moving as soon as I’m ready
Tell shooters come get me, bruh

Three tires slashed, I don’t think I’m gon last
Way past out of gas, finna crash
Can’t hold it up, I’m out my weight class
Stop look around, all my peers flying past
Someone save me, same name, I just ain’t the same lately
And if you can’t make me float, bring me safety
Same name, I just ain’t the same lately

[Verse 3]
Pressure is building on me
It’s killing me soft and slowly
Body failing on me, weight is wailing on me
This boat I’m sailing’s got a slow leak

Hey, it’s mom. Listen, I know it’s been a hard season and it seems like everything is over, but just wanted to remind you: There’s more to the story. God isn’t finished yet

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