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Citygate Worship – Attention + One Thing


Citygate Worship delivers a powerful double-sided single with “Attention + One Thing.” Each song offers a distinct message, yet they are intricately linked, forming a cohesive call to focus and devotion.

The first track, “Attention,” serves as a wake-up call. Through rhythmic instrumentation and impactful lyrics, it urges listeners to be mindful of the distractions and noise that often clutter our lives. Lines like “Too many voices vying for my attention” and “Cutting through the static, seeking your direction” highlight the challenge of focusing on what truly matters in the midst of constant stimuli.

The second track, “One Thing,” offers a solution to the challenge presented in “Attention.” It guides listeners towards a singular focus: God. With its gentle melody and soaring vocals, the song encourages listeners to prioritize their relationship with God, singing “One thing is needful, your presence fills the void.”

The two tracks, while distinct in sound and tempo, create a powerful message together. “Attention” acknowledges the challenges of focusing in a noisy world, while “One Thing” provides a solution by redirecting our focus towards God.

Citygate Worship’s intent goes beyond simply offering a catchy song. By prompting listeners to be aware of distractions and encouraging them to turn towards God, they invite individuals to embark on a journey of personal transformation.

While rooted in Christian faith, the underlying message of seeking focus and prioritizing what truly matters resonates with people of all backgrounds. The desire for peace, clarity, and purpose transcends religious boundaries, making “Attention + One Thing” a relevant message for a wider audience.


Citygate Worship – Attention + One Thing Lyrics

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