Thursday, May 23, 2024

Spirit Of Praise 7 – Ebenezer ft. Sipho Ngwenya


As we immerse ourselves in the sacred sounds of “Ebenezer,” we embark on a spiritual journey. The song becomes a pilgrimage of the soul, a moment of reflection, and an opportunity to offer gratitude for the milestones of life’s journey. Spirit Of Praise 7 and Sipho Ngwenya, through their collective artistry, guide us in worship and remembrance.

In the resounding echoes of “Ebenezer” by Spirit Of Praise 7 featuring Sipho Ngwenya, we discover more than a composition; we discover a sacred dialogue with the Divine. May this musical collaboration be a source of inspiration, reflection, and worship for all who lend their ears to the harmonious symphony created by these anointed artists. “Ebenezer” stands as a testament to the enduring truth that, indeed, hitherto the Lord has helped us.

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