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In UPPERROOM’s “En Honor A Ti” (Spanish for “In Honor of You”), vibrant melodies and soulful vocals erupt in a captivating declaration of love and devotion directed towards a higher power. It’s more than just a worship song; it’s a journey of surrender, expressing gratitude and unwavering faith through powerful lyrics and infectious rhythms.

The song explodes onto the scene with a declaration of surrender: “Espíritu Santo estás aquí, Eres por siempre bienvenido” (“Holy Spirit, you are here, You are forever welcome”). Haddon’s voice carries a sense of awe and reverence, immediately setting the tone for a worshipful experience. The music mirrors this energy, with uplifting chords and driving rhythms creating a sense of joyous celebration.

As the song progresses, the lyrics shift to express gratitude: “Rindo mi corona, Eres la persona más importante para mí” (“I surrender my crown, You are the most important person to me”). This metaphor highlights the act of placing one’s own desires and ambitions beneath the will of a higher power, acknowledging the absolute importance of faith in the narrator’s life. The music maintains its uplifting energy, but with a subtle shift towards a more introspective and heartfelt tone.


UPPERROOM – En Honor A Ti Lyrics

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