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Simiane – We Are Not Afraid


Simiane’s “We Are Not Afraid” transcends the realm of a traditional worship song, transforming into a powerful anthem of resilience and unwavering faith in the face of adversity. Through a blend of contemporary gospel melodies, empowering lyrics, and Simiane’s soaring vocals, the song becomes a sonic fortification, reminding listeners of their inherent strength and the unwavering presence of a higher power in times of challenge.

The song opens with a bold and defiant declaration: “We are not afraid, no, we are not afraid.” Delivered with unwavering conviction, these opening lines establish the central theme: overcoming fear and doubt through faith, and finding the courage to persevere through life’s obstacles. The music mirrors this resolve, with driving rhythms, powerful instrumentation, and a sense of unwavering determination, creating an atmosphere of strength and unity.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the source of this courage. Lines like “You are our refuge, You are our strength, a very present help in trouble” express unwavering trust in a higher power, highlighting the belief that God serves as a source of strength and unwavering support in times of difficulty. The music incorporates elements of traditional gospel instrumentation, such as the choir and uplifting brass sections, further amplifying the sense of collective strength and shared faith.

“We Are Not Afraid” isn’t simply a declaration of defiance; it’s a call to action to face challenges with courage and faith. The lyrics shift to, “Let us rise up with hope, let us rise up with faith,” urging listeners to actively confront their fears and move forward with unwavering belief. The music maintains its powerful spirit, but incorporates moments of inspiring melody, reflecting the hope and determination that fuel perseverance.


Simiane – We Are Not Afraid Lyrics

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