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Preye Odede – Hallelujah


Preye Odede’s impact transcends the realm of music, reaching into the lives of those touched by his ministry. His unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel through song has garnered accolades and awards within the gospel music industry. As the founder of Script Music, he actively mentors and nurtures emerging talents, contributing to the growth of gospel music in Nigeria and beyond.

Preye Odede’s Musical Expedition: Born on June 16, 1978, in Isampou, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, Preye Odede is a gospel music sensation known for his potent vocals, inspirational lyrics, and steadfast commitment to conveying the message of faith through his music. His venture into the world of gospel melodies commenced early in life, fueled by a deep spiritual connection and a profound love for music.

Preye’s foray into the gospel music scene gained momentum with his debut album, “My Script,” released in 2012. Since then, he has consistently delivered impactful compositions, earning recognition and respect within the gospel music community. His unique ability to blend contemporary sounds with timeless messages has endeared him to worshipers around the globe.

In honoring the life and music of Preye Odede, we celebrate an artist whose melodies resonate with the soul, inspiring a deeper connection to the divine. “Hallelujah” serves as a testament to Preye’s ability to craft music that transcends boundaries, bringing joy and worship to the hearts of listeners.

As we embark on this harmonious voyage of faith and praise with Preye Odede, let “Hallelujah” be the guiding anthem, leading us into moments of spiritual reflection, gratitude, and devotion. May the harmonious notes of Preye Odede’s music continue to uplift and inspire, leaving an indelible impact on the hearts of believers worldwide.



Preye Odede – Hallelujah Lyrics

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