Friday, April 12, 2024

Paul Tomisin – Angel


Paul Tomisin’s “Angel” paints a sonic picture of a divine encounter. Through captivating vocals and a powerful soundscape, the song explores the concept of angelic guidance and protection, offering a sense of comfort and hope.

“Angel” seamlessly blends contemporary gospel with elements of afrobeat, creating a unique and energetic soundscape. The rhythmic percussion and driving bassline perfectly complement the soaring vocals, creating an atmosphere of both reverence and joyful celebration.

The song’s lyrics, penned by Tomisin himself, express a deep sense of trust and unwavering faith in God’s protection. Lines like “I know an angel’s watching over me, guiding all my every way” and “Through the storm, through the fire, your love remains my desire” showcase a complete reliance on divine guidance and a belief in God’s enduring love.

“Angel” goes beyond simply describing an angelic presence; it explores the personal connection individuals can build with their faith. Through heartfelt lyrics and passionate delivery, Tomisin invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences with faith and embrace the comfort of divine protection.

The song’s message extends beyond personal experience, serving as a source of inspiration for others. By sharing his faith and highlighting the concept of angelic guidance, Tomisin encourages listeners to find strength and hope in believing that they are not alone, and that unseen forces watch over them.


Paul Tomisin – Angel Lyrics

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