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Obaapa Christy – It Will Change (Ebesesa)


In Obaapa Christy’s compelling release, “It Will Change (Ebesesa),” the artist presents a song that carries a message of hope, reassurance, and the promise of positive transformation. The title, “It Will Change (Ebesesa),” suggests an optimistic outlook, with ‘Ebesesa’ likely translating to ‘It Will Change’ in English. Obaapa Christy, a respected figure in the gospel music scene, employs her emotive vocals and spiritual resonance to convey a profound message of faith and anticipation.

Lyrically, the song is expected to revolve around themes of enduring faith, perseverance through challenges, and the assurance that unfavorable circumstances will ultimately change for the better. Obaapa Christy’s choice of language, possibly including a blend of English and local dialect, adds a cultural richness to the lyrical content. The use of ‘Ebesesa’ emphasizes the conviction that change is not only imminent but also ordained.

Musically, “It Will Change (Ebesesa)” likely features a composition that complements the uplifting message of the lyrics. Obaapa Christy’s vocals, accompanied by a melodic arrangement, contribute to a soul-stirring experience. The incorporation of traditional gospel music elements, combined with contemporary production styles, creates a harmonious blend that appeals to a diverse audience.

Within the genre of gospel music, Obaapa Christy’s “It Will Change (Ebesesa)” serves as a beacon of encouragement and inspiration. The song becomes not only a musical expression but also a source of comfort for those facing challenges, resonating with the belief that, no matter the circumstances, positive change is on the horizon. Obaapa Christy’s commitment to delivering a message of faith and hope solidifies her position as an influential voice in gospel music, offering a timely reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is a promise of transformation and renewal.


Obaapa Christy – It Will Change (Ebesesa) Lyrics

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