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Collen Maluleke – Open the Eyes


Collen Maluleke’s album “Open the Eyes” emerges as a profound testament to the transformative power of worship. With its heartfelt melodies and powerful lyrics, this collection of songs serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for listeners around the world. Through his music, Maluleke invites listeners to embark on a spiritual journey, one that leads to a deeper understanding of God’s love and purpose.

At the core of “Open the Eyes” lies a message of spiritual awakening. Maluleke’s poignant lyrics and soulful vocals beckon listeners to open their hearts and minds to the presence of God. The title track, “Open the Eyes,” serves as a prayerful plea for divine illumination, asking God to reveal His truth and beauty in the midst of life’s challenges. With each note, listeners are drawn into a sacred space where they can encounter the light of God’s love and find clarity in His presence.

Moreover, “Open the Eyes” is a testament to the power of worship as a catalyst for transformation. Maluleke’s music creates an atmosphere of reverence and awe, inviting listeners to draw near to the heart of God and experience His grace in a tangible way. Through songs like “Grateful” and “Amazulu,” he leads listeners in heartfelt expressions of praise and adoration, fostering a sense of intimacy and connection with the Divine. In this sacred exchange, burdens are lifted, and hearts are renewed as listeners are enveloped in the love of God.


Collen Maluleke – Open the Eyes Lyrics

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