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Cece Winans – Thy Kingdom Come [ALBUM]


“Thy Kingdom Come” is more than just an album; it’s a testament to Cece Winans’ profound connection to her faith and her remarkable ability to translate that connection into music that resonates deeply with listeners. Each song on the album is a carefully crafted piece of art, infused with Winans’ personal experiences, spiritual insights, and unwavering devotion.

Winans’ vocal prowess is on full display throughout the album, as she effortlessly navigates through a diverse range of musical styles and emotions. From the soaring heights of praise and worship anthems to the intimate depths of soul-stirring ballads, Winans’ voice carries a raw authenticity that touches the hearts of all who listen.

But beyond the music itself, “Thy Kingdom Come” is a journey—an invitation for listeners to explore themes of faith, hope, and the promise of a kingdom yet to come. Each track offers a glimpse into Winans’ own spiritual journey, as she grapples with life’s challenges, celebrates its joys, and ultimately finds solace in the unshakeable truth of God’s love.

Listeners will find themselves uplifted by the album’s message of hope, inspired by its melodies, and encouraged by its unwavering faith. “Thy Kingdom Come” is not just an album to be listened to; it’s an experience to be savored, a reminder of the power of music to uplift the soul and draw us closer to the divine.

Track List:

  1. Million Miles
  2. Falling In Love
  3. The Coast Is Clear
  4. You’Re The One
  5. Oh Holy Place
  6. I’Ll Live For You
  7. Test Of Time
  8. Bless His Holy Name
  9. Waging War
  10. It Ain’T Ova’
  11. Worthy
  12. Thy Will Be Done
  13. Forever
  14. We Welcome You (Holy Father)

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