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Blessing Music – Angel De Jehová


“Angel De Jehová” by Blessing Music is a captivating hymn that exalts the divine protection and intervention of God in the lives of His people. With its melodious composition and reverent lyrics, this song serves as a heartfelt tribute to the guardian angels sent by the Lord. Inspired by Psalm 91:11, which speaks of God’s angels being assigned to guard and protect His children, the song emanates a sense of reverence and awe for the heavenly hosts.

In its verses, “Angel De Jehová” celebrates the divine presence and protection of God’s angels, acknowledging their role in safeguarding His people from harm and danger. It reflects on the assurance that comes from knowing that God’s angels are watching over His beloved, offering guidance and protection in times of need. As listeners immerse themselves in its soothing lyrics, they are invited to embrace the comforting presence of the angels of the Lord.

Moreover, the song serves as a source of comfort and assurance for listeners as they navigate the uncertainties of life. Its timeless message affirms the believer’s confidence in God’s divine protection and provision, even in the face of adversity. Through its melodious composition and heartfelt lyrics, “Angel De Jehová” becomes an anthem of faith and trust, inspiring listeners to take refuge in the shelter of God’s wings.


Blessing Music – Angel De Jehová Lyrics

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