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Above The Bright Blue – Hymn


“Above The Bright Blue” is a cherished hymn that beckons believers to lift their gaze beyond the temporal and mundane, directing their hearts and minds to the eternal promises and glory of God. Rooted in the biblical truth of God’s sovereignty and majesty, the hymn serves as a beacon of hope and assurance in the midst of life’s challenges and uncertainties.

With its soaring melody and uplifting lyrics, “Above The Bright Blue” inspires worshippers to transcend earthly concerns and fix their eyes on the heavenly realm. The hymn begins with a captivating image of the vast expanse of the sky, symbolizing the limitless nature of God’s power and presence. The opening lines, “Above the bright blue, Father, Thy throne, Circled with clouds, Thy glory doth own,” evoke a sense of awe and reverence for the Creator of the universe.

As the hymn unfolds, it explores themes of divine sovereignty, providence, and grace, affirming God’s reign over all creation. Each verse resounds with praise and adoration for the Almighty, acknowledging His supremacy and goodness. The lyrics exalt God as the “King of kings” and “Lord of lords,” worthy of honor and worship.

Through its poignant verses, “Above The Bright Blue” invites worshippers to elevate their thoughts and affections to heavenly realities. It encourages believers to trust in God’s unfailing love and providence, even in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations. The hymn’s chorus serves as a resounding declaration of faith and confidence in God’s eternal promises: “Praise Him who reigneth on high! Praise to the Lamb that was slain!”


Above The Bright Blue (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

There’s a beautiful place called heaven,
It is hidden above the bright blue,
Where the good, who from earth-ties are riven,
Live and love and eternity thro’.

Above the bright blue, the beautiful blue,
Jesus is waiting for me and for you;
Heaven is there, not far from our sight,
Beautiful city of light.

This land of sweet rest awaits us,
Some day it will break on our view,
‘Tis promised by Christ the Redeemer,
To his followers faithful and true.

When he left his beloved disciples,
He said, as he bade them adieu,
“I go to prepare you a mansion,
And soon I’ll be sending for you.”

We know not when he shall call us,
Whether soon, the glad summons shall be,
But we know, when we pass o’er the river,
The glory of Jesus we’ll see.

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